How To Stop Bird-Nesting/ Backlash

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Looking at your fishing string which is messed up is frustrating. Especially, when bird nesting or backlashing happens after throwing the fishing rod several times. The ways to solve this problem are many. However, the technique will be discussed here is different.  It focuses to prevent this happens. Therefore, you will never ever meet bird nesting / backlashing again
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You must know that every baitcaster always has two parts. The first one is Breaking System and another one is Spool Tension. Those are working together. They both are important to keep the fishing reel spinning at the stable way. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that it can actually avoid bird nesting/ backlashing of the spinning reel forever. Over here, we will discuss each part of them and its function to avoid bird nesting

Spool Tension

Spool Tension located in the same area of the spinning handle. It functions to control spinning reel tension. Spool tension will automatically stop the moves or slow the lure down when the lure hits the water surface or solid things.



It makes the spinning reel stop moving. Then, it automatically avoids the string for being nasty on the spinning reel. It avoids bird nesting since it can resist the move right away when the lure hits the water

Breaking System

Even though the function is almost the same, it is significantly different. The spinning breaker will adjust the speed of string flexibly when someone throws the fishing rod. In another word, it controls the speed of throwing lures in the air.

Adjusting the spinning breaker is important especially , when you face a windy situation. When you adjust it on the high settings, it avoids the string running anywhere and following the wind direction. However, when the situation is calm, you can freely adjust it at the minimum level. Therefore, you will be able to throw your fishing rod and get the maximum range of the fishing area reached by the lure.



After knowing the functions for both system, now it’s time to set a strategy to avoid bird nesting using the function of both system. First of all, keep in mind that both system are equally important. There is no one system is more superior or more crucial to be focused on.

Let’s say, you throw the fishing rood horizontally. In this case, you must investigate the situation. If the area is windy or many obstacles that can ruin the lure while flying in the air, adjust the breaking system properly. As the common example, adjust the breaking system to the average level. Usually, it has the scale of 0-20. In a normal wind situation, you can adjust the breaking system in 10. However, if the wind comes stronger, you must put it in to the next level. Perhaps, the fishing lure cannot reach maximum distance, but it does avoid the bird nesting and losing control of your flying fishing lure.

Breaking system usually has several types based on their location in spinning reel. There are external, internal, or using both. The external one usually comes easier to set. It is because the location is inside the spinning reel body and no need to open the gear box to reach the setting button. In another story, internal breaking system requires opening the gear box cover to access the magnetic breaking system

Don’t forget about the spool tension. When the lure hits the water surface, it could go deeply fast or slow. The cause of bird nesting is usually when the lure goes down too fast. Therefore, you should adjust the spool tension based on your lure’s weight. For example, if the fishing lure is weight, then you must tighten the spool tension to avoid lure going down too fast and messing up your string. If your fishing rule is the light one, then you can adjust the spool tension on the minimum setting.

Unfortunately, there are a few fisher know about this fact. Many of them often ignore the use of the breaking system and spool tension. In fact, adjusting the setting of spool tension and breaking system results to a better fishing experience. Of course, It prevents the backlashing at the same time.

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