Which Is Better – Color or Black & White Fish Finders

    Sometimes, you need to choose the best fish finder you want to have for a fishing. It seems like a usual thing, but in another hand, it is confusing when you do not know which one is better. This article will show you what is the specific different both for color fish finder and B/W one.

    This article will further reveal the benefit of each kind of fish finder. The effectiveness rate is  also discussed here. Here are the details:

    1. Color Fish Finder

     The color fish finder seems like to be the superior one then the B/W version. Of course, it costs you more. This kind of fish finder has some colors producing when  sonar receives various signal. It makes you a little bit confuse at the first time of use. Of course, you will learn by the time

     Color Fish Finder can find the fish location more accurately. It will show more reports in different colors. For example, once you see many little red dots with a yellow background around the dot, It indicates that it could be a colony of small fish. In certain case, when you see a big red marks which constantly blur its color becoming yellow and blue, you can conclude that it may be a huge one

The benefits of Color Fish Finder:

  • It gives more detail reports
  • It locates the fish better
  • It can send the information about water density, temperature, etc.
  • It delivers better graphic result
  • It comes with various type and resolution
  • It makes you more effective in fishing

   Those benefits come with a cost. Moreover, it costs around hundred dollars and could  more depend on the resolution it has. Higher resolution it has, more costs you will have to pay

   This fish finder is suitable for those who  professionally do fishing as a routine. It will be so helpful if you buy this. It will help you avoid  for wasting your time on the sea. Professional fisher usually has it as the ultimate weapon.

  However, a newbie fisher will surely be confuse by using it at the first time. Setting choice is complicated. The setting of the sensitivity here has also enhanced. This technology finally carries more fish on your boat.

   2. Black and White Fish Finder

    This version comes as the monochrome version. It detects the fish location too. Of course, it is not as good as the color version. However, this version comes with a much cheaper price.

    It gives you more chances to try fishing professionally at the first time. The usage of this fish finder is also easier. The sensitivity and other choices for sensor absorption are easy to set. There is no need to learn much to master usage of this fish finder.

   Briefly, this fish finder comes with a little costs. Consequently, they have poor quality. It can not detect details of objects captured by sonar. If in color series, we can get  various colors which symbolize distinguished meanings.

The benefits of B/W fish finder are

  • It costs you lower
  • It delivers you simple report which is easy to understand
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is suitable for newbie fisher

  This fish finder does not cost you so much. It will be lower than hundred dollar and you can achieve it easily. The best part here is, you can train your fisher feeling. It will train your personal feeling to recognize which one is detected as fish and which one is not. You will learn better by the time. You can also recognize the fish easier once you use the color version.

   However, reports given are not complete. It is still blur and not so clear. It has much pixelated pictures being pretty disturbing. Therefore,  this kind  fish finder only is suitable for the newbie user or the one who is fishing rarely and uses it as a little hobby.

   Finally, the choice liberally depends on you. If you are ready to catch more fish with more cost, purchase the color one, you will get what you paid. In another story, you may get only little fish if you use the black and white version. Absolutely, with a lower price to pay

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