Types of Artificial Lures

Fishing lures are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are an artificial fishing bait, deliberately designed to catch a fish's attention using color, vibration, flash and movement. There are seven different types of lures you can get, each with their own different features. Below we are going to give a brief overview of each type of lure


Probably the easiest to use, spinners are a metal shaft with a spinning blade. The blade spins when dragged through water creating sound and vibrations through the water, these are then picked up by fish

Source: www.learninghowtofish.com


When spoons were first used, they were literally spoons with the handles taken off. Spoons simulate the side to side movement of an injured bait-fish as they move through water, making them irresistible to fish

Source: www.theonlinefisherman.com


Constructed from hollowed plastic or wood, plugs wobble, rattle and gurgle depending on their size and shape. Plugs are a versatile lure that can be used in any depth of water and are very attractive to game fish


Probably the funniest looking of all lures is the spinner-bait and buzz-bait. These lures are made up of a thin wire attached to a lead head body that is normally dressed in a plastic skirt or metallic blades similar to the ones on spinners. They move through the water with the same vibration and flash as a bait-fish, making them very appealing to game fish

Source: www.punisherlures.com


Usually constructed from fur and feathers, these bait are made to look like various insects at different stages in their life cycle. They can also be made to imitate bait-fish, leeches, hoppers and frogs depending what you are hoping to catch. Flies as bait are most often used in fly fishing gear, but can also be used with spinning gear


Jigs are appealing because they are inexpensive and can be used to catch just about any fish you are hoping to catch. Available in any size and color, they are made with a weighted lead head and are often embellished with feathers, hair, and soft plastic grubs


Soft plastic baits

Soft plastic baits can come in a variety of shapes. From worms, crawfish and frogs to creature baits that don't look like anything you have ever seen. Fish tend to hold on to these lures a little bit longer, giving you a better chance to set your hook. Soft plastic baits come in different colors, and some even have scent added to them

Source: www.wideopenspaces.com

After learning the basics about the different types of lures, you are ready to go out and get some of your own to start experimenting with. The type of lure you fish with will come down to your personal preference and the type of fish you are hoping to catch with it. Most fishermen use a variety of lures while they are out fishing depending what the fish are interested in that day. It's a good idea to always have a variety of options on hand so you can switch them out when the situation calls for it

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