Top Tips & Techniques For Surf Fishing

How to catch a fish that you are after

  • Types of rigs that must be used
  • Types of bait that must be used
  • Tips on buying cost-effective fishing tools

What is fishing?

The art of casting, jigging, trolling, or spinning in all conditions like sweating, swatting, freezing, or swearing in order to catch a particular fish.

Tips to Find a Fish

Before you begin your journey, it is important to go and check the beach for low tide. Remember some point such as hollows, dips, and sandbanks so that the picture is crystal clear, and you know  possible locations of finding the fish whenever tides come in. In many cases, fishes are also found in the outer areas, so keep a check on those areas as well.

High tie is the ideal time for surf fishing, especially down or dusk

In new place, it is helpful to seek some recommendations on types of fish, places of fishing, and similar related things from people, and this is actually the best way to gather information. You can also know the type of bait that will be suitable for a particular type of fish or fishing place.

Lures For Bluefish

Catching bluefish requires artificial lures just like surface plugs, jigs, swimming plugs, and spoons. When using surface plugs, a quick stop and retrieve technique is very useful. The other ideal choice is heavy silver spoon,  it casts a long distance and can be retrieved at a faster speed. By lacing it with mullet or similar fish will attract the fish quickly as is has a very tempting scent.

Sharp teeth and strong jaws of the bluefish needs to be kept in mind while unhooking. The best is to use long pliers.

Rigs For Surf Fishing

Keep rigs simple. Less tangling means better they are. So, always go for simple yet durable ones.

1/ The Fish-Finder Rig

Whenever the fish picks the bait, thus kind of rig poses very little resistance. The length of this kind of rig is 24 inches, so it can be extended according to your need up to any desired length.


2/ The Fireball Rig

This type of rig with foam balls keeps the bait in the bottom. It is available in several bright colors, so you can pick one on days when water is a bit cloudy and the surf is somewhat rough.

Fireball rigs can be made by you however this demands a bit of effort so it is better to purchase them from the store.


3/ The High-Low Rig

It is one of the best natural bait rigs in the marketplace. It works well for most of the large predatory fishes, besides giving you a benefit of having two baits in the water at the same time. There are plenty of such rigs, so you can easily get one of your choice.


Checklist For Surf Fishing

  • Surf-fishing rod (10 to 12-foot medium action fishing rod)
  • Reel (one with open face and bail arm)
  • Live Bait Rigs (ready-made 4-5)
  • Surf lures (handful)
  • Artificial bait (very less)
  • Spare hardware (sinkers, swivels, hooks, etc.)
  • Tools (knife, pliers, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (rags, rod spike, plastic bags, bait box)

You really don't need tons of gear. The barest essentials will catch just as many fish as box loads of tackle!

Though fishing is difficult, you do not have to carry tons of tools with your always. These devices can do much big wonders than expected. Moreover, experience has a great role to play in such circumstances. So, even if you have less tools but your experience is too much, you will get to experience a wonderful fishing time; without any hassle. And in case you are a newbie, you will face a few difficulties in the beginning, but things will proceed in a better track very soon. All that you need to have is patience and determination to do things.
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