Spinning Reel Maintenance

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Spinning reel cares is important. Besides ensuring it no corrosion, it is crucial to perform routine cleaning. By performing this maintenance, your fishing machine will be last longer in use. Eventually, some people got their 6-years old spinning reel still working properly. The secret is to make sure that all of the components are in good condition. This article will show you how to perform routine maintenance of the fishing spinning reel. It includes the way how you can clean up the spinning reel and other aspects.


1/ Cleaning Up The Outside Part

The outside part perhaps, is not the most important one. However, taking care  the outside part will ensure your spinning reel box perfectly perform. A good spinning reel box will not have a corrosion, and the oil waste spread around. It looks dirty and decrease the productivity itself. In order to perform the cleaning process properly, follow these steps:

      a. Choose The Right Cleanser Liquid!

There are many types of cleanser available for spinnning reel. However, some people recommended to use WD-40. It is most used and typically cheaper than other products with the same quality. It also needs only a few spray to ensure its surface clean.

WD-40 cleanser


         b/ Perform Cleaning Inside out

In order to clean up the outside part, make sure you don’t spread the spray in the inside part. It is because the liquid can interfere the way of lubricant oil which keeps it runs smoothly. The rotor and gear insides need another method which is discussed in the next part of this article.


In cleaning the outside part, you do not need to rinse the cleanser using water. Simply spread gently and wipe that out. You can use well-water-absorbed fabric or towel.  This cleaning will make sure there is no corrosion happens around the outside part.



However, you have to pull out the upside gearbox too. Keep in mind that this is not the room used for the prime rotor. It is the place for a small gear. It functions to tidy up the fishing rope by spinning. This part usually has corrosion









2/ Put Lubricant for Gears

       a/ Removing the Gear Box

Lubricant is important. It ensures the gears spinning correctly. By putting in the lubricant inside, it makes the spinning speed awesome. It increases elasticity of spin. In this case, gear box part needs lubricant. It is different way than taking care of the outside part. In order to open up the gear-box, you will need a decker because the screw is very small.  Using the manual screw driver may breaks the head part of the screw itself



      b/ Cleaning the Main Gear and Rotors

After opening it up, you will see the gear like this


You do not need to clean it up. You just need to put a little lubricant inside among the gear parts. It helps them rotate properly. It makes your spinning moves smoothly. Since it is the main rotor, you have to make sure there is no dust inside. Otherwise, it will damage the gear or even resist the spinning moving. In this case, you can use ear bud to remove the dirty parts

        c/ Applying Lubricant

After that, you are now ready to put a few lubricant



Putting on  lubricant inside is ideal measurement. To make sure, you can imagine that it is only a pinch. Yes, a pinch of lubricant will develop  gear movement. Apply this lubricant gently to the gearbox area. Make sure that every gear has covered correctly. Another thing is making sure it is not too much. Too much lubricant will only resist the movement

        d/ Putting the Gear Box Back

After applying lubricant, the next step is to make sure you will apply all screws properly. As usual, use decker to put those screws in. It ensures that screws applied properly. Tight screws will make the gear box covering the main gears and rotors free from any dust from outside



3/ Make Sure Everything Works Properly

Doing the maintenance isn’t complete if you don’t check the final result. In this case, you can check it by spinning it in a certain speed, from slow to fast


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