Ice Fishing With Humminbird Fish Finder

Ice fishing is possible to do with fun. Around the snowy area, you may still find many fish. Especially, if it is under the frost lake or river. The frost lake or river is usually full of fish which are still active moving even when the water has frosted. However, Frost Lake and river will not give you a clear image where the fish locate. Therefore, you may face some problems.

In order to get the right position where fish are swimming around, you should mostly go to the middle of the frost river. Over there, you may find more fish than on the edge. Keep in mind that you have to watch your step. Aiming that perhaps, the frost river becomes slippery or even brakes away

Another suggestion is using fish finder to help you locate the fish. The fish can be detected easily once you have done this job with fish finder. In this case, this article will discuss about the step to use fish finder in ice fishing activities.

1. Prepare Fishing Hole

Since the water is frost, you need to make a hole from the surface through the inside. You do this till you find the unfrosted water under the frosted area. It typically takes a few minutes to make this hole perfectly prepared.

Drilling a hole

You need only about 10-15 cm diameter of circle hole. Typically, the fish of freshwater is not that big. Therefore, it doesn’t need for you to dig the hole too big. It would only break the ice and endanger you if you sit near the hole location.

Make a hole

Then, you can put the fish finder cable inside the hole. It will detect if there is fish coming up. Consequently, you can be ready to set your position once the fish is about to catch up.

Put fishfinder inside the hole

2. Knowing The Signal

The Hummingbird fish finder typically can detect the fish until about ten feet in icy lake. The sensor will detect how far the fish is from the surface and how many fish are exist overthere.

Here, you may see the gren, yellow, orange, and red signal on the fish finder, It appears around the the circle signs of deep measurement. In this case red means there is a group of fish, weather green means the fish is just a little. Yellow and orange signal would in the middle amount of them. The position is also important to know. If the signs are blinking on the left circle part, it means the fish has been near.

Hummingbird fishfinder

Typically, Hummingbird fish finder will take about 2 minutes to get the perfect signal. It means you cannot get the signals blinking directly. It would take a few minutes  to locate and adapt the icy water condition. Howevr, the use of this tool will decrease guessing of catching fish in icy surface.

3. Ready To Catch Them Up!

After everything has set, you need to wait for your luck. If there is no positive signals appear on the screen it means the fish may go away already. Perhaps, there is no fish anymore there. Consequently, you can just move your place and digging another hole to look for better luck. It will prevent you from fishing in unproductive area / hole.

Otherwise, if the signals are blinking continuously, that is a good news. It means you are going to catch them up shortly. Therefore, just keep a little patient for it. Mostly, fisher will catch the fish after the signal color is on the left position and the color is ranging from orange to red.

In addition, it is easier for you to catch the fish with a suitable bait. Knowing that most of river’s fish is the small one, it is best for using the small worm to attract the fish attention.

Perhaps, it is only the small fish. However, small fish usually come up in a group. It consequently makes you easier to catch the fish up. It increases the possibilities for you to catch fish. In fact, fishing in a frost river usually gives you the results of getting many small fish. And yes, they are actually swimming in a group. So, don’t waste your time to see the successful fishing in an icy place. Go and test your luck there!

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