ibobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder – An Ideal Fishing Tool

ibobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder
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We have been offering world-class fishfinders with innovative features and technologies from renowned brands in renowned brands in the market at the best price. We are committed to render cent percent customer satisfaction by offering them products that they wish to own for making their fishing expedition successful. So, If you are looking for a reliable, high-performance fishfinder, get in touch with us! We offer the best product to our customers! Our price range is also very genuine, which means you will not have to burn your pockets to own one of the efficient fish finders available in the market nowadays.

iBobber is one of the popular fish finders capable of synchronizing with smart phones and tablets. This sonar has the ability to track down the fish up to 135 feet under water. Once found, it displays the fish in two sizes: over 15” and under 15". So, you will always know which fish and what kind of fish is in your vicinity

The iBobber Castable bluettoth fishfinder syncronizes with your iPad and iPhone through Bluetooth Smart. It is very mobile as you can take it 100' away from your device without losing the connection

Whether you want to map contours of the waterbed, log the trip, GPS tag hotspots, or share it with your friends and families; it facilitates everything. The most fascinating things about it are high-definition graphics, the lunar calendar, weather synchronization, and fish-strike alarm


Deploy it on your boat, shore or kayak; you will get to experience the best fishing time ever.

At present iBobber operates with tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth Smart 4.0, which is compatible with iOS 6.0, 7.0, and 8.1 versions, along with tablets and phones and tablets with Android v4.3 and more. This means, you can use iPhone 5 and 6 series, iPhone 4S, iPad 3 & 4, and Mini, and Android v4.3 and later

iBobber operates with tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth

I/ What are Benefits of iBobber Bluetooth Fish Finder

  • Innovative concept and design to ensure high-performance
  • Sturdy look and feel to ensure durability
  • High-quality graphics; especially on big screens
  • ​Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain feature for a hassle-free experience
  • Equipped with numerous cutting-edge features
  • Cheaper than its competitive fishfinder models

II/ Prominent Features of Product

  • Ability to track up to 135 feet underwater along with display of images in two different sizes fo easy understanding
  • Mapping of Waterbed contours up to 100 feet to facilitate the user with better judgment and analysis of the site
  • Fish-strike alarm that alerts the user by glowing up whenever a fish strikes the device and is in the close vicinity
  • Lunar calendar and weather sync features that lets you know about the temperature, wind, rain and other climatic conditions
  • Rechargeable battery with 8 hours working capacity. Once empty, it can be charged again within a few hours without any hassles
  • Trip log consisting of date, time, title, location, etc. and GPS tag hotspots to enable sharing of information via social media
  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-use feature; you do not have to be technically sound to use the device as the user-friendly interface guides the operator in the easiest possible way
  • Constructed with high-quality material to ensure long-term use without having to deal with difficulties in the mean time

III/Advantages & Disavantages


  • Innovative technology used in its designing
  • Durably constructed for longevity
  • Superior graphics to ensure better viewing experience
  • Easy-to-use as it has a user-friendly interface
  • Plenty of features to make fishing a better experience
  • Available at very pocket-friendly price


  • Battery has to be used carefully to ensure its long-term use
  • It requires implantation of software, which demands time
  • Unstable syncing so you have to bring charger and portable battery to get better results

IV/How To Use

Guidelines of using

To use iBobber, firstly install iBobber app on compatible devices and pair it with them via Bluetooth Smart. Place it in the water and it will turn on automatically

A fish with size under 15-inch will be indicated with an orange tag while one with size above 15-inch will be shown with a green tag. These tags will also include the depth at which the fish is present.

The app dashboard on the screen will give you the access to all apps such as trip log, weather, mapping, etc, so you can manage the controls according to the requirements within a few clicks

​For instance, if you want to use waterbed mapping feature; simply immerse the fishfinder in the water and click the start tab on the app. Reel the fishfinder to the desired area and then press the sop tab. You can then see the bottom of the water body on your phone’s screen.

​If you want to use weather related application to know to temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed etc., make use of the GPS-based based controls.

Through the trip log you can view all activities done throughout the trip as data will be stored in your device automatically​

Mainenance & Clean product

Wipe off the dust when the fishfinder is not being used and follow the recommended charging guidelines to ensure better performance


1. Q: How many days will it take for shipping?

     A: The fishfinder will be delivered at the desired destination within 5 to 7 business days.

2. Q: Where should I get this fishfinder from?

     A: The genuine place to get iBobber fishfinder is Amazon. It stocks a huge variety of fishfinders from renowned brands

3. Q: Is the battery replaceable?

      A: Yes, it is!

4. Q: Does it require maintenance?

      A: Yes, it does so you must use it with care and clean it after every use using a soft cloth.

iBobber castable Bluetooth fishfinder is an ideal fishing tool if you are looking forward to a never-before fishing experience. It is equipped with features that ensure you will find your prey without having to make in a lot of effort. It captures HD images and displays your target on the screen with complete information.

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