How To Repair a Broken Fishing Rod

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Getting your fishing rod broken and separated into two pieces is a nasty thing. At the first glance, it seems like the fishing rod which cannot be used again. However, this article will show you how to fix this problem. It is not only fixing your fishing rod, but also reinforcing the stick. Therefore, you can continue your fishing activity.



In the example above, the broken fishing rod has already used in many years and finally broken. It has separated into two pieces. The purpose for fixing it is to unite the back. In order to do this, you cannot simply put a glue or paste it using string yarn. There is more effective method and here we go..

     1/ Measure the Fishing Rod You are Going to Cut

First of all, you must measure where exactly you will cut the fishing rod. It is important since right measurement results to a perfect fixing. In this case, you must cut the longer part of the fishing rod. You must not cut the small part on the edge which has broken



      2/ Cut the Rod

Since the rod sometimes made from a thin metal, you can use regular saw to cut it. In order to cut, be careful with the saw. Ensure you have hold tightly the longer part of the rod. Make sure the rod is not going anywhere when you are cutting it



       3/ Prepare a Special ‘Glue’

It has been known that Epoxy glue is the perfect solution for this problem. It can paste both part of the broken fishing rod properly. It ensures the connection between small metal is not going anywhere when it has pasted


       4/ Apply Glue

Fishing rod is not just like regular stick. It actually has a room inside. The small circle which functions like a bone. The empty room inside makes the fishing rod lighter, yet strong enough. Thus, we can use this room to insert glue in and plug the broken part of the fishing rod right away



        5/ Plug It In

After applying glue, then the rest is just inserting the smaller part of the fishing rod inside the hole of bigger part of fishing rod. Firmly put the smaller part inside until you have found it pasted perfectly. This is the final step for fixing the broken fishing rod. However, you will have an option to reinforce this fishing rod on the next step



     6/ It’s not over yet! Reinforce it!

The reinforcement of fishing rod may come from the string yarn. The step is to cut the string yarn about 15 feet long. Then, you can just apply the string upside down the fishing rod. Make a simple knot which connected the smaller and longer part of fishing rod. However, you should apply the glue on the fishing rod to make sure the string will not go anywhere




Now, you will find your broken fixing rod fixed and properly reinforced. It can be used for daily fishing activity like before. However, since you have cut a part of the stick, you will have the stick looks shorter. It makes your fishing range a little bit decrease. However, it is better than letting your lovely fishing rod become a useless stuff



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