How To Install Lowrance HDS 12 Touch Fish Finder

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The new Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch Systems is a great tool to use if you wants to find fish. Though it is easy to use. Before using, you have to install and mount it. And of course, before using any kind of technology; first of all, you should explore all the features of the touchscreen. Inside the box, you will get everything needed, mounting and installing instructions, cutting templates and hardware.

Lowrance HDS

StructureScan HD Transducer Installation

Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch System has the StructureScan HD built into it. However, you will need an angler in order to connect this StructureScan HD transducer connector to the unit or install a new StructureScan HD transducer. This StructureScan HD transducer will give you an opportunity of seeing 180 degree view of fish, cover and structure below the boat. This very StructureScan HD transducer can be mounted in the following three locations:

StructurescanHD Source:


1/ Transom mount: If you mount your Lowrance StructureScan transducer to the lower transom area, you can do bottom tracking when up on boat. If you mount transducer to transom, it will increase drag to the boat.

Transom Mount Spurce:
Transom Mount


2/ Step mount: Then, the Lowrance StructureScan transducer can be mounted to the step part of the boats transom. This area is considered to be protected.  It eliminates any drag from the transducer and can be adjusted to keep it parallel in the water.

3/ Jackplate mount: And finally, Lowrance StructureScan transducer can be installed also onto a boat’s jackplate. If you do this, drilling holes in the boats hull will be eliminated. Jackplate protects the transducer when the boat is on plane. However, this option has one drawback; the unit cannot track bottom when the boat is on plane.


Jake Plate Source:
Jake Plate


Power Connection

Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch System fishfinder unit is designed to be powered by using 12 V DC electricity. Every unit has protected to resist under volatage, over voltage and reverse polarity. So, the power cable has two discrete cables coming from the connector. The thicker cable, which consists of red and black cables, is the supply power to the unit. The yellow cable is to be utilized to remotely power on for certain expansion modules, like the StructureScan or Broadband radar. A circuit breaker with the same fuse rating should always be connected to the DC power cable.

Sonar Transducer

Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch System is sold with or without a transducer. This sonar can be mounted on a trolling motor or upside boat transom of a boat. The main advantage of installing this transducer is that it allows the unit to have a bottom signal when the boat is up on plane. Here are the guidelines for attaching the transducer:

1/ First, you must insert the ratchets in the “A” bracket.

2/ Then, you can slide the transducer into bracket. You can temporarily slide the bolt into the transducer’s bracket

3/ Finally, you should hold the transducer assembly opposite the transom. Make sure you make it parallel to the ground. It means, the “A” position has been correct.

Sonar Transducer can be mounted by shooting thru the hull. However, this is not preferred way of installing a Lowrance sonar transducer. It is stated that there can be a signal loss because echo signal must pass the fiberglass hull


While mounting HDS-12 Gen2 Touch System, the location is  important. So, you should find the correct location before drilling holes. If the unit is exposed to temperatures, the unit may malfunction. Find  select a location, from where it can easily be reached.

Also, take into consideration keeping the unit away from magnetic compass. Also keep the unit safe from any kind of excessive shock or vibration. HDS-12 Gen2 Touch System is able to be mounted both with flush and bracket way



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