How to Find Your Fish with a Fish Finder

Fishing isn’t fun until you find a fish. Especially, if it is ice fishing, nothing is more pleasing than finding a fish as a lot of effort is put in by the fisherman. There is no specific spot where the pool of fish can be found each and every time. However, the bottom of the water body is one such place where you can find them quite easily. But, reaching the bottom is daunting. Rather, next to impossible without a fish finder.

  Technology has advanced to an extent that there is a technological solution for everything that we do in our life. And, same is the case with fishing as our fishing endeavor has been made a complete fun with the help of a fish finder.

  There are ample fish finders nowadays, but the most favorable choice is buy one according to your fishing needs. Though, make and model of every fish finder is bit different, yet each one of them works in a same way.

So, if you are out there ice fishing, here are few tips on setting up and reading the fish finder that will definitely make ice fishing more than fun in your case. Read on.

1/ Set Up The Fish Finder

    • Mount the device in the most appropriate place on your boat in the desirable angle so that you get the best view of the surface and water underneath.
    • Switch on the device and look at the display. Fish finders normally have spilt screens. The right portion will give you the complete view of the area within while the left screen will give you the zoomed image of the bottom. Now, you can adjust the power and angle according to your need.

2/ Read The Fish Finder

  Since most of the fish are found in the bottom, you can zoom in to 4 times in order to get a clearer view of the bottom. Once this is done, you will see two different two lines at the bottom. The lower one is the bottom of the water body while the one above it is the jig rod, which is actually used to lure the fish towards itself. Just below the jig rod is the dead rod that is jiggled at the right time to find out that the fish is going towards which rod in that particular point of time.

So, here are few things that you must do right after setting up the fish finder.

    • Pick the jig rod and start jiggling. Give a pause for about few seconds and repeat the same after regular intervals of time. Since this rod has some fat heads attached to in the front, continuous jiggling is pretty good to draw the attention of the fish that are in the bottom.
    • The moment you will find the fish coming in, what appears most of the time is the dark line moving up towards the rod line. So, in that case to determine which rod is actually getting the fish interested lift the dead rod, jiggle it a bit. At the same time, jiggle the other rod and see towards which rod the black dots are moving. This is the easiest way to find the fish; provided it is done properly.

If you know how to use the device, your fishing experience will not only be fun, but an amazing time when you will certainly find good fish without facing much trouble.

3/ The Bottom Line

  When you get the device mounted on your boat, you will not just see the bottom clearly. But you will also see how the fish in the water react to the rods and the fat heads used to attract them for fishing. Nothing can be much more exciting and fun than this for an ice fisherman. A huge variety of fish makers are available in the marketplace and that too with myriad of innovative features. So, conduct a thorough research, and pick the most suitable device to get a never-before fishing experience with the most-popular fishing device.

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