How To Clean Your Fishing Line

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Just like any other fishing tackle, fishing lines need to be taken good care of for them to serve you for relatively long time. Lines cost you money and good maintenance is a must. One of the ways of maintaining your lines is through washing them. Remember that the lines are not just ordinary strings as they are made up of synthetic fibers.

Why Should You Clean Your Fishing Lines?

You should regularly wash your lines because of the following reasons:

  • Dirt particles and debris accumulate on the surface of the lines adding weight to them. This hampers the floating capacity of the lines.
  • Washing your lines can help in lubricating them thus aiding in efficient movement through your guides

When to Clean Your Fishing Lines


The frequency of washing your line depends on your fishing conditions. For instance, if you do your fishing in the dirty water, be sure to clean it once after 3-5 fishing outings. The fact that your fishing waters look clean does not mean that you are excluded from washing your line. It is pretty easy to tell when your line requires thorough cleaning. Here are some of the leads:

  • If the line becomes brittle
  • If you observe some cracks
  • If the line starts retaining memory
  • If it stops floating like before
  • If you can feel micro-grit on when stripping your line

What is the Best Method of Cleaning Your Lines?

There are different opinions concerning the best ways of cleaning fishing lines. Different manufacturers have different recommendations when it comes to cleaning fishing lines. Some line packages have cleaner pads where anglers are recommended to wipe the working parts of the line with the pad before every fishing trip. Apart from cleaning the line of any dirt, the pad also lubricates the surface of the line and this helps the line to move smoothly through the guides.

Other manufacturers recommend washing of fishing lines using a mild soap and water and then wiping it dry using a piece of cloth that is soft and clean. Any of the methods is good enough to maintain your lines. Just be sure to clean them regularly for longer life and better service.

Steps of Washing the Line


If you choose to clean your line by washing it, follow the following simple steps:

  • Put some few liters of warm water in a sink.
  • Add the mild soap. Be sure to add just a few drops to form a few bubbles.
  • Put the loose coils of your line in the sink and soak it for around 20 minutes, or just until the water becomes lukewarm.
  • Clean the line using a clean and wet cloth. Apply mild pressure when cleaning for all the dirt to be removed.
  • Rinse it with fresh clean water and then wipe it using a clean dry Make sure that you rinse well as unremoved soap accumulates on the line’s surface making it heavier.
  • Let your line to dry.
  • Once dry, dress it using the dressing you have purchased from your local tackle shop.
  • Your line is now free from all dirt.
Dressing Soure:


To avoid damaging your line in the name of washing it, never use a detergent to wash it. Always use a mild soap.

If you happen to cast a dirty line and a clean one, you will feel the difference in the performance. Keep your line clean if you want to succeed in your angling profession. Don’t let dirt deprive you of your expensive line as failure to wash it may force you to buy a new one.

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