How To Choose Suitable Fishing Tackles

Walking into the fishing department of your local sport store is a wonderful experience; especially when you are learning to fish! As you enter the store, you see a swarm of baits and lures. This means you have a number of options to choose from.

Meanwhile, several questions keep lingering your mind: What is fishing tackle? What kind of lure will be useful for me while fishing? What is a jig?

No matter if you are beginner to fishing, or are looking forward to catching a few more fish; there are some factors that must be kept in mind while deciding on the fishing tackle to get for your fishing needs.

The below mentioned list shows the common types of fishing lures being used for fishing in saltwater and freshwater.


  • Clams and Mussels: This helps in hardening the tackle before use so that it sticks to the hook for a long time
  • Crayfish: Used for baiting carp and catfish
  • Cut Fishing Bait: Useful for catching fish that is attracted via scent
  • Dough Balls: Can be bought from stores, and or can be made on our own to catch all types o fish
  • Grubs and Meal Worms: Can be taken from areas with dead plants or can also be purchases from the sports shop
  • Insects: ants, beetles, bee moths, caterpillars, grasshoppers, mayflies, crickets, larvae and stoneflies
  • Leeches: these are ideal for best results as they can suck from both ends
  • Live Bait: Helpful in drawing the attention of a large fish, especially in deep waters
  • Minnows: By hooking them on the hook you can stay assured of the consistent movement of the rod



Cut Fishing Bait Source:

Dough Balls Source:




Live Bait



  • Jigs: For excellent fishing results, use 1/8 ounce of weight for every 10 feet of water
  • Poppers: The best way to attract fish; poppers keep on popping through the waters to grab the attention of the prey
  • Plastics: Plastic baits keep on floating on the surface, and usually are: worms, lizards, mice, insects and injured fish
  • Plugs: These are somewhat similar to plastic baits. But if you want them to remain below the water surface, weight can be added to these baits with ease
  • Spinners: These are used to bait predatory fish. They blades on one end so that vibration and light can be produced
  • Spoons : Used in water where light penetrates. They have metal-cover which shines when light falls on it, eventually attracting the prey



Plasric Bait Source:



Spoon Source:

Besides the aforementioned natural and artificial baits, there are hosts of organic lures as well that can be purchased according to the need after thorough research.

These baits are difficult to find as they; worms, grasshoppers, minnows, crayfish, etc. are readily available in plastic across different sporting shops.

On the other end, as the science and technology is progressing at a faster pace, you will also find a huge spectrum of baits equipped with features like vibration, microprocessor chips to attract the pool of fish.

For much better fishing experience, you can look for these options as well. Since they have hi-tech features, their price will be relatively more than that of natural and artificial baits.

If you find them to be within your budget range, you can choose from them as well.

So whether you wish to go to the “old school” or want to hold on to the latest technology in fishing, you should be able to find right kind of tools for your fishing needs

It is not at difficult, but yes you will have to invest a significant amount of time in deciding. Also, a lot of help is available online, right from reviews to customer feedback, and more, you can get an idea from different resources to make the right purchasing decision.

Researching the web before placing an order is the best way to save yourself from thefts and frauds. So, do not hesitate to spend time on the internet. Just get connected and buy the most suitable fishing tackle.

After all, overall fishing experience depends a lot upon these tools, so before you spoil everything, pull up your socks and step ahead to look for the best tool available for your unique fishing needs

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