How To Choose Best Fishing Rod

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Fishing is one of the most exciting times of our life because besides being challenging it is also entertaining. However,  until you have right fishing tools by your side expecting fun is one of the impossible things because finding a fish in big water bodies is difficult.

From fish finders to fishing rods, lures, and more; you have to get the right equipment by your side to be successful in your endeavor.


When you are planning to buy a new rod for fishing, it’s best to learn about different parts and features that constitute this important fishing tool element.

Looking the rod from the bottom and steadily moving upwards, the first thing that will come into notice is the grip. This handle is generally made from foam or cork. This is the place from where you will hold the rod for retrieving and casting.

Each fishing rod is built to render best-class strength and flexibility. Strong rods helps in casting heavy lure and are not that sensitive to gentle fish attacks, or are not flexible enough to go well with light-in-weight line. As a result, light fishing rods are sensitive to small attacks but not tough enough to fight against big fishes.

Fishing rods are available in several lengths in stores. Rods with short lengths are more powerful in fighting against fish due to which these are highly recommended for big fishing games and trolling. For casting farther, long length rods are mainly preferred — fly rods and surf casting rods are quite long in length; usually up to 14 feet. These fishing rods can be dissembled into different parts to ease transportation, and each part is about 6 feet.

Fly Fishing Rod
Fly Fishing Rod


Cast Surf Rod Source:
Cast Surf Rod


Before choosing a rod , it is important to get some ideal so that you can pick the right type of your fishing needs. Usually, spinning rods are especially designed for light weight lures and are used very commonly by every fishing enthusiast. The other type of rod is casting rod. It is ideal for use with artificial lures, heavier baits, and jigs.

So, to make a decision you must know about such information in a better way.

Fiberglass and graphite is usually used in making the fishing rods. The latter element if light but stiff, so it is quite sensitive to touch. Graphite is rigid, lighter and high sensitive. However, you have to be a bit extra careful with its handling as it is more prone to damage than the other rods. While the rods made of fiberglass are tough and more flexible. They are also quick in detecting the fishes.

Once you have finalized the material and style of the fishing rod, proceed further to picking a bait and the size line with which you are comfortable. Pick a reel, and get set for the best fishing experience ever.

Where to buy

Fishing rods can be easily purchased from brick mortar stores and online portals. However in today’s tech savvy era people go with the latter option for maximum times because many reliable vendors are available online nowadays. Also, they have a huge variety of rods that you get to choose the best from such a huge selection.

Moreover, you have number of options to compare different products, checkout reviews and do plenty of research to ensure that you are picking the best product.

Different types of discounts and deals are also readily available online so if you choose to shop online you can also benefit from such exciting offers, eventually saving your pockets while getting the most valuable product.

So, step ahead find the best online portal and place your order for an ideal fishing rod today for ana amazing time fishing in the water.


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