5 Fishing Rods Fisherman Usually Use

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Knowing the best rod material is important. The most suitable rods make you comfortable to fish without facing crucial problems. In this article, we are going to discuss the different between fiberglass, graphite, fly rods, spinning rods and conventional rods. The difference makes you understand which one is suitable for saltwater fishing and which one is fit for fishing trout.

  1. Fiberglass Rod

Source: www.-flyfishermancom
Source: www.-flyfisherman.com

The fiberglass rod is usually lighter. It is more elastic and parabolic when it is used. It has slightly softer grip than graphite rods. This makes the rod is suitable for freshwater fishing. It can possibly create wider pendulum-like movement if you have some practices in use. It is used for catching fish in fresh water with soft mouth. As it has good absorption of hook tension, it makes the rod becomes stable in long use.


  1. Graphite Rods

Source: www.-midcurrentcom
Source: www.-midcurrent.com

Graphite is a good choice for fishing in a deeper water. It means, it is suitable for fishing saltwater fish. It has tougher structure to carry out bigger fish from deep water. It is good to fish by using the graphite rod when you want to have a quick action to catch big fish near you. However, it is disadvantageous for being flat shaped when you throw up the fishing reel. This makes the fishing activity slightly uncomfortable when you want to catch the fish in a long distance. You will feel harder in control even though finally you can successfully catch the fish.


  1. Fly Rods


It is designed for medium up to slow taper. It has the backbone side which covered till the middle section. This is good for fishing in a longer distance. It makes you comfortable to set longer possible distance and still have enough flexibility in movement. It has refined materials which have greater quality than the graphite material.


  1. Spinning Rods


Fishers usually confuse how to correctly hold the rod. Sometimes, they also have doubt to decide which ways for attaching reel. In this case, the rod actually needs to be held as in the guides. It should be hanging right below the rod. Just towards the ground-side. If the fisher is the right-handed one, the handle should be on the left. Actually, this way is better than using common fly rods. However, it takes more time to learn about the proper positioning, handling, and managing the fish catch movement.


  1. Conventional Spinning Rods

Source; www.theonlinefisherman.com
Source; www.theonlinefisherman.com

It has special guide for the rod mounted. It has to be on top and have to equip decreasing diameter when it approaches the tip. Conventional rods have minimum instruction for fishing guide because it has straight unwinding. The spool needs to be mounted properly when casting from conventional reel.

Moreover, it sometimes has the roller guides. Typically, it can be used for bigger fish catching or trolling. It is usually available for the right-handed fisher.

In conclusion, there are many  differences between fishing rod materials . The fisher should be familiar on the differences. It can make the fisher can equip their needs when facing different conditions.

The best fishing rod application is to combine the use of  fishing rod. Perhaps, the water condition changes by weather, wind or another factor. Causing your rods need to be changed or modified. If you like using spinning reels, then equip yourself with fiberglass or graphite. If you usually do casting, you can try to use of combo spinning reel and the conventional roods

Those tips make you comfortable in fishing. Furthermore, it makes you land the spinning reel successfully. Then, catch the desired fish easily. It helps novice fisher to act like a pro. This is probably a good solution for the one who is confuse which rod material is the best for their fishing.

Keep in mind that better fishing rod quality and material leads to more expensive price. Typically, the best one would cost around $100. However, the fiberglass types which are lighter have cheaper price in about $25-$35. Finally, it is still your choice to use one of them or the combo among them.

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