Fishing Reels: What are differences between Spinning & Baitcasting

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These what many people know but still questionable, the differences between spinning reel and bait caster, and what makes both of them be actually so special for each uses of them. Although most of professional fishermen have moved from old style to use ordinary reel into the modern one for their fishing favor, there still were many people who don’t understand why they should move into the modern style or why they actually should stay with the old one. Not only the appearance that was different between the bait caster and spinning reel, but also the use of it that also have been created for their own purposes. Here, we will discuss their differences, what actually makes them special for many professional fishermen.


Bait Caster

From casting reel, Bait caster has a closed face reel. It has a gear and breaking system that keep string on its track. For the handle, the users can find that it has double knob handle or power handle. The users will experience the big power when they try to pull their fish out. This power comes from the good material of the handle and strong focus center of the handle. They can also manage the tight level of the string by pushing on the thumper of it.


The users of bait caster also could feel the bass guy effect, especially when they join a competition. It will give the users more control as the cumber appears in the competition. Spinning around often, the users don’t need to give much control as it could really flip and pitch on the place they want. Other thing, bait caster has bait control then when the users flip it out and they want it to stop, it can stop directly and smoothly. It happens differently when they use spinning reel. In the use of spinning, when they want to stop it, the string will give the sudden stamp when it is stopped.

The favorite things many people love from bait caster is the line twist of it. How many times we want to twist it, it won’t have any problem for it. We will never find a kink twist as bait caster has breaking system that can stop the reel of it directly and smoothly so that it can avoid the kinky which usually happens in the use of spinning.

Bait caster is also the thing that fishermen can rely on for their heavy duty. Fishing musky or any other heavy fishes aren’t the problem for it. It’s a big bass. The user with a couple of musky fishing with pound line on will not find any problem at all when they use the bait caster. The bait caster is for heavy lures, line and duty.

One of applications that suitable with bait caster is flapping the fetching bass. The user will experience the nice technique when fishing Muskie and Pike with this tool. It is not a matter for bait caster to gain big fishes many times. It will help the fishermen to catch many pounds of fishes in one fishing time

Spinning Reel

Besides the bait caster, there also a classic style reel that is usually called by spinning reel. It is such an open face spinning reel. This classic style reel could also be greatly used for some applications such as fishing Crappie, Perch and Walleye. Spinning reel used for light line, lures and technique.


One thing that the fishermen need to take attention more when they want to buy spinning reel or bait caster is they should buy the braided line. Some unbraided line could be so bad that it could come off from the spinning reel or bait caster track. It could break our fishing time and even will force us to quit from fishing without gaining anything.

Many professional fishermen had spinning reel for some applications and bait casters for others but it was suggested for the studying off fisher to prefer spinning reel instead of big caster because spinning reel is simpler and doesn’t need too much technique as bait caster does. Spinning reel could cover the basic fisher. Then it depends of the users, which one of them will fit their needs perfectly

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