Common Problems that you may face with Hummingbird Fish Finders

Thinking of mounting Hummingbird fish finder on your boat? Well, it is a good decision really as these fish finders are excellent devices for tracking fish in deep waters. However, the sad part is; just like any other electronic device, you may have to deal with several issues while using this fish finder. Let us checkout a few, one by one and take an insight into the … [Read more...]

How To Repair Fishing Lure


If you have a soft-plastic muskie lure, sometimes it easily breaks away. Commonly the tail part is the sensitive part which usually broken first. It is because the tail part is softer but sometimes has less elasticity power. Therefore, if the fish bit it or we pull it too much, it breaks apart. Perhaps, there are thousands of methods. Most of them require a special tool which … [Read more...]

How To Stop Bird-Nesting/ Backlash

birdnest- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

Looking at your fishing string which is messed up is frustrating. Especially, when bird nesting or backlashing happens after throwing the fishing rod several times. The ways to solve this problem are many. However, the technique will be discussed here is different.  It focuses to prevent this happens. Therefore, you will never ever meet bird nesting / backlashing … [Read more...]

How To Repair a Broken Fishing Rod


Getting your fishing rod broken and separated into two pieces is a nasty thing. At the first glance, it seems like the fishing rod which cannot be used again. However, this article will show you how to fix this problem. It is not only fixing your fishing rod, but also reinforcing the stick. Therefore, you can continue your fishing activity.   In the example … [Read more...]

How To Repair Broken Transducer

Transducer in fish finder helps you locate the fish position. The tool is located under kayak or boat. It will penetrate sonar waves into the sea surface. It will then send you the fish location found. Sometimes, the transducer may crash with stones or sea corals. It makes transducer broke. The common problem is usually broken hilt which connects the transducer neck and the … [Read more...]