How to Unhook the Fish Without Injuring It


Fishing is a sport like any other enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. There are fishing regulations as to what time of the year to fish, and the number and size of the fish that you can catch. This means that anglers are forced to catch and release some portion of their catch. This is what is referred to as catch and release method of fishing. Releasing the … [Read more...]

How To Choose The Best Fishing Hook For Beginners

Deciding to go fishing is important but selecting the right fishing tackle is more important. You will be able to make your catch only if you have the right fishing tackle but not because you went to the waters. One of the most important fishing tools is a fishing hook. They come in different sizes, shapes and weight. It is upon you to choose the one that is the best for … [Read more...]

4 Techniques To Remove Hook From Your Skin

What to Do When Your Skin is Hooked Instead of the Fish Fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. Less serious injuries to anglers are reported. However, injuries involving fishing hooks hooking up part of your skin are a common occurrence. Most of these injuries are minor. However, they all require careful evaluation before any attempt to remove … [Read more...]

Saltwater Kayak Fishing Tips that Every Beginner Must Know


Are you new to the world of saltwater kayak fishing? Welcome to be the league of adventurers, who once were just like you but today, they are amongst the most skilled fishing enthusiasts with unparalleled fishing experience. But what made them so? Books, guides, or something else? Well, I must say, it was “a few tips” that made them rule the water. It is undoubtedly … [Read more...]

Fishing in Ancient Eras

Fisherman In Seychelles

“Everything changes with time” This is a very common belief, and there is no two ways to this statement. Things we saw, used, and talked by a few years ago have completely vanished from the place today. And the reason is nothing but revolution. Everybody  is finding new and easy ways to do everything, and fishing is nothing like an exception. Though fishing has the … [Read more...]