GPS Fishfinder- Fundamental Aspects to Know

Fishing is one fun-filled leisure pursuit and this activity has been valued through ages. These days, with the use of fish finder fishing has become all the more entertaining. Fishing is something known to provide pleasure to the entire family and all around the world, with the use of a fish finder, fishing enthusiasts are actually increasing in number. It is because, with the … [Read more...]

Which Is Better – Color or Black & White Fish Finders

    Sometimes, you need to choose the best fish finder you want to have for a fishing. It seems like a usual thing, but in another hand, it is confusing when you do not know which one is better. This article will show you what is the specific different both for color fish finder and B/W one.    This article will further reveal the benefit of each … [Read more...]

Good Fish App – Suitable for Android and iOS


Fishing is a fun activity since you can get the catch, show it up, and sometimes get the reward in competition. Now, it will be better. Good Fish App is an android and iOS application that functions mostly like social media. It is very easy for you to discover how big your friend catch is and compare that to yours. Here is the explanation how this fishing application works to … [Read more...]

How to Find Your Fish with a Fish Finder


Fishing isn’t fun until you find a fish. Especially, if it is ice fishing, nothing is more pleasing than finding a fish as a lot of effort is put in by the fisherman. There is no specific spot where the pool of fish can be found each and every time. However, the bottom of the water body is one such place where you can find them quite easily. But, reaching the bottom is … [Read more...]

Set Up Your Humminbird Fishfinder


  Humminibird Fish Finder is a complex radar mounted under your kayak  boat. It detects the fish by transmitting signals into the sea to certain deepness. It supports  finding fish very much since it can locate the fish most perfectly.    Humminibird itself is a tool that consists of Sonar penetrator and the LCD radar. It has a color radar to help … [Read more...]