Fish Finder Power and Frequency

One of my colleagues was recently confused between choosing Lowrance and Humminbird fish finder. He asked me about some features of the fish finder to make this decision. That is why; I decided to write an article one the ideal features of a fish finder so that you can pick the best one for your fishing finding needs. POWER Transmitter power is an important … [Read more...]

How to choose best fishfinder in the market


There are many types of fish finders in the market nowadays. It's not easy to choose the suitable one. Here are some tips you need to consider:1. Checkout fish finder reviews onlineFishing is one of the most adventurous sports across the world nowadays. Though it is daunting and of course, tiring most of the time, you get to experience some of the wonderful moments in your … [Read more...]

How To Install Lowrance HDS 12 Touch Fish Finder

The new Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch Systems is a great tool to use if you wants to find fish. Though it is easy to use. Before using, you have to install and mount it. And of course, before using any kind of technology; first of all, you should explore all the features of the touchscreen. Inside the box, you will get everything needed, mounting and installing instructions, … [Read more...]

Fish Finder & Chartplotters: What is the difference?


There are a lot of devices to be worked on under-water but the common of the two include the fish finder along with the other chartplotters. As you all know the life under water is very much beautiful as well as full of risks. This accepts the fact that most of the beautiful things that you will see surely be dangerous. The same ocean which you see has a big large life … [Read more...]

Ice Fishing With Humminbird Fish Finder

ice fishing

Ice fishing is possible to do with fun. Around the snowy area, you may still find many fish. Especially, if it is under the frost lake or river. The frost lake or river is usually full of fish which are still active moving even when the water has frosted. However, Frost Lake and river will not give you a clear image where the fish locate. Therefore, you may face some … [Read more...]