Artificial Lures vs Natural Bait


When choosing whether you want to fish with artificial lures or natural lures there are many things to consider. Some anglers tend to stick to either artificial or natural bait, while other anglers like to go back and forth between the two. There is no right or wrong to what you choose to use as bait. It comes down to personal preference and what you feel works better for the … [Read more...]

Types of Artificial Lures


Fishing lures are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are an artificial fishing bait, deliberately designed to catch a fish's attention using color, vibration, flash and movement. There are seven different types of lures you can get, each with their own different features. Below we are going to give a brief overview of each type of lure SpinnersProbably the … [Read more...]

How To Choose Suitable Fishing Tackles


Walking into the fishing department of your local sport store is a wonderful experience; especially when you are learning to fish! As you enter the store, you see a swarm of baits and lures. This means you have a number of options to choose from. Meanwhile, several questions keep lingering your mind: What is fishing tackle? What kind of lure will be useful for me while … [Read more...]

Dead Bait or Live Bait?


Ice fishing is an interesting activity, when you perform fishing with live bait or dead bait . Moreover, it is more interesting if you use pike for catching the fresh fish from the small ice hole. It is somehow challenging. Pike, perhaps looks traditional and less effective than general fishing.  However, pike will be very useful in fishing during winter. It has some … [Read more...]

Best 3 Lures for Winter Bass Fishing


Winter can possibly become a challenge for the fisher. In this case, lakes and rivers may become ice. Then, your boat is impossible to use to catch freshwater species. Sometimes, fish also migrate to another area to avoid the minus temperature. Therefore, you must understand that which kind of fish live in depth of icy lake will be different species. Different species need … [Read more...]