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Fish finder is an instrument that is used to locate fish underwater. Its operation is similar to that of sonar, as it detects a fish through the reflected sound energy. The best fish finder has myriad of interesting features which eases the process of finding a fish. The operator interprets information that is displayed through the graphs on the screen of the fish finder about the school of fish, debris, and bottom of the water body. It is a useful device and is usually being used both by sport and commercial fishermen. Modern fish finders are integrated with innovative technology to provide other facilities such as GPS navigation, compass, marine radar, and many more.

I/ Top fish finders in the industry

1/ iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder

iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart finder is the best portable fish finder in the industry. It synchronizes with your smartphone or tablet. It finds fish in two sizes; 15 ‘’(under and over) up to a depth of 135’. You can connect your tablet or smartphone even at a distance of 100' so that you have a fish finder that is as mobile as you are. It helps you map waterbed contours, , log your trip and share it on social media, and GPS tag hotspots. It also features lunar calendar, weather sync, fish & strike alarm, and stunning graphics. It has 8 hours on a charge battery status.

2/ Norcross Hawkeye F33P Inch Water

The Norcross Hawkeye F33P is ideal for fishing tours. It supports the latest portable fish finder technology ensuring a never before fishing experience. The ultra wide, 45 degree sonar beam angle, enables it to deliver accurate depth, and structure readings of fish and bottom from 1.5 to 99.9 feet. It can operate down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. The sonar sensor, which is mountable and floatable, has 35 feet of cable along with a tie-strap.

Using algorithmic programming it delivers reliable readings. It is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. Powered by four "AAA" batteries, the antenna can be used for 20 hours continuously. The backlit display save you from eye strain, and a special LCD protector cut down the chances of condensation in the display. The palm-sized design of the fish finder makes it easy to carry and easy to use.

3/ Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder for Smartphone or Tablet

It is a round shaped sonar unit, which weighs 3.5 ounces and measures 2.6 inches in diameter. The several different attachment points allow you to cast it from different heights.

The dual-frequency transducer incorporated in the fish finder can read depths up to 130 feet. It can be operated within 160 feet of its paired device. Compatible with a myriad of iPhones, iPads, and other smartphones, it functions using a Bluetooth connection. With 3.7 volt rechargeable battery it can operate for 6 hours. The Deeper Samrt Innovative technology used in this fish finder allows you to have a never-before experience with the detailed view of fish holding habitat and bottom terrain. With exclusive mounting solutions you can explore the water body from every angle without any limitations. It is the best fish finder that assures you of an amazing fish finding experience.

4/ Garmin Echo 301dv

It is an efficient fish finder with 3.5-inch color echo 301dv. It features all-in-one transducer that delivers both advanced HD-ID 77/200 kHz and scanned images (Garmin DownVu) concurrently on a horizontally or vertically split screen. With the help of images the operator gets the clearest possible sonar picture of fish along with detailed structure under the boat. The smooth Scaling graphics in Garmin Echo 310 dv provides uninterrupted imagery while switching between different depth-range scales. It scans to the depth of 1,750 feet maximum. The narrow-to-wide viewing cone angles in the fish finder provide you a big picture beyond the sides of your boat.

5/ Lowrance 000-11146-001 Elite-5 HDI

It is a 5-inch best fish finder that features Hybrid Dual Imaging and Broadband Sounder with DownScan Imaging technology in addition to built-in GPS antenna. The Hybrid Dual Imaging technology allows you to get the best possible view under the water. With Insight Genesis you can create free customized maps according to your survey. The advanced signal processing facilitates you with the freedom of getting best images from every angle without having the need to manually adjust the settings of the device. A waterproof slot for memory card is fully well-suited for Navionics Gold chartcards, Fishing Hot Spots and Lake Master map cards in all formats for US anglers. Also, it features TracBack technology using which you can view the recorded sonar history including structure and movements of fish targets. With tilt and swivel bracket it can be easily mounted and used in any direction.

6/ Hummingbird 409620-1 Helix5 DI

When we talk about the best Humminbird fish finder in the industry, it is none other than the Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI. It features a brilliant 5" , 256 color display (800H x 480V) with backlight. The Down Imaging and Dual Beam Plus sonar with 4000 watts PTP power output displays the best possible view underneath your boat, With precision Internal GPS Chartplotting with built-in UniMap cartography and a micro SD card slot you can save various locations, customize it according to your needs, and use it further for better fishing experience. It allows you to save waypoints as you go to ensure you do not miss on the important fishing locations underneath. With Humminbird HELIX 5 DI GPS fish finder GPS system with you this time, you will experience the best fishing time with amazing views in different angles.

II/ What Are Benefits of fish finders

        1/ Determining the location of fish pool: It is impossible to identify the best fishing location without having the ability to see inside. But with fish finder at your disposal, you will not find any difficulty in finding the large fishing pool underneath the water. By installing the best fish finder in your boat you can easily determine the presence of fish anywhere in the water

      2/ Determining the number of fish: Assuming the number without any idea is useless. With fish finder it is easier to know the number of fish within the water. Everything along with the number of fish is displayed on the screen of the finder.

     3/ Determining the depth: It is important to know the depth of water prior to fishing. With the help of fish finder you can determine the depth as soon as you mount the device on your boat. Knowing the depth, you can easily target your fishing location without wasting your precious time.

      4/ Determining the depth: It is important to know the depth of water prior to fishing. With the help of fish finder you can determine the depth as soon as you mount the device on your boat. Knowing the depth, you can easily target your fishing location without wasting your precious time.

     5/ Determining the speed: With GPS enables fish finders, you can easily determine the speed of waves. This helps a lot in avoiding unnecessary hassles during fishing.. Modern day fish finders, or the best rate fish finders feature innovative technologies nowadays.

     6/ GPS based benefits: The GPS based features allow you to keep track of locations, save waypoints and use them further for fishing anytime.

III/ How to pick the best fish finder step by step

There are many cheap fish finders in the market nowadays. However, to pick the best one of such an immense collection, you need to bear in mind a few things.

1/ Checkout the fish finder reviews online. Many people share their views and feedback about their experience using the fish finder. So, before picking any one of the device randomly, it is always advisable to go through the reviews at least once. By doing so you get an idea about the pros and cons, which further helps you in picking the right product.

2/ Buy from a reliable store: If you want to get one of the top fish finders, make sure you are buying from a genuine vendor because only a renowned company is trusted for offering good products. You will not only find exclusive features in their products but those products will also be made of high quality material. So, besides expecting world-class performance, you will also experience a long lasting performance of the device.

3/ Checkout the features of the product: Since nowadays fish finders come with lots of in built technology, you must know about each one of them beforehand. This will help you discover more about the product, and choose the best possible option for your fishing needs.

4/ Consider your fishing needs: There are two kinds of people that fish; one who are the experts and others who are novice and just fish for the sake of fun. For professional fishermen, a fish finder with GPS, dual imaging, etc, is quite beneficial as it will facilitate them with an easy way of fishing. While for a novice, a simple fish finder is ideal. So, before buying consider your needs, and then place the order

5/ Fishing location: Apart from the aforementioned considerations, there is one more thing that demands your attention while buying the best fish finder; the location. Your location of fishing has a lot to do with the device. For instance, if you have chosen an icy location, you will need a sturdy fish finder with a flasher. Similarly, if you are on a kayak, go for portable device. These things altogether play a very important role, so you should never overlook this fact and choose according to the location of fishing.

IV/ Guidelines for using fish finders

Before starting, make sure to check out the manual once. This will help you know the device in a much better way and you will know how to use it the most efficient way. Once you have read the manual, proceed with the following:

1/ Mount the fish finder: Here comes the benefit of reading the manual. It tells you about the full procedure about mounting the device. Whether it is transom mount, trolling motor, or a portable mount, you can mount it easily by following the steps mentioned in the manual. In case you do not succeed, do not hesitate to get professional help.

2/ Turn on the device: Once you have successfully mounted, turn on and customize the setting according to your fishing needs. After a few minutes after installing, take a deep look at the views around your boat underneath the water and then adjust the setting accordingly.

3/ Adjust the features: From display to angle to sensitivity, you can set every feature according to the need of the situation. Making changes to the device setting is not at all a difficult process as you have to follow the instructions mentioned on the screen according to your requirements and start fishing.

V/ Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that hover over the minds of buyers. Since such doubts make buying difficult, here are few of the common questions and answers to make your buying experience fun and valuable.

   1/ Q: What are the zigzag lines on the screen? 

        A: It is a multipath phenomenon and is usually seen in shallow water. It does not indicate any problem with the sonar.

    2/ Q: How do I change the language?

         A: You can change the language by clicking the menu button twice, reaching to the language menu and then clicking on your preferred option.

    3/ Q: Does it have a transducer?

          A: Yes, most of the fish finders have transducers and you do not have to buy an additional one. In fact, there are lot more accessories that are available with the fish finder.

The only way to maximize your fishing experience is to get best portable fish finders as they help you get the best view underneath the water and track the best location for fishing without putting you in any hassle. Leveraging the innovative technology incorporated in the modern-day fish finders, you can stay assured of a never before fishing experience.

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