Best 3 Lures for Winter Bass Fishing

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Winter can possibly become a challenge for the fisher. In this case, lakes and rivers may become ice. Then, your boat is impossible to use to catch freshwater species. Sometimes, fish also migrate to another area to avoid the minus temperature. Therefore, you must understand that which kind of fish live in depth of icy lake will be different species.

Different species need different lures. It happens since their interesting objects are different. Moreover, you have to pay attention for the suitable lure in winter. You will need strong lures which survive the cool temperature. The lures must keep its elasticity in cold. Here are three suggested fishing lure for winter fishing.

  1. Jigs Lure

Jigs are actually a simple fishing lure. It is like a metal lure which is made like a bug or fish head. The hook, moreover, is placed on it directly. Jig also has rubber attached behind to give more life-look. It is a good choice for winter fishing since it possibly used on the bottom or suspended based on the fish location.


In a winter season, where you need to fish on the frozen lake, you will only need to sink the lures down and holding the rod. Your lures need to make some seductive moves even it should sink deeply. Jig does it well. The tail part is elastic while the head part is weight enough to sink in measured depth. If you have no result using jigs, then you need to modify the tip to a different test line. For the example of recommended jigs, you may try Zoom Critter Craw or Creepy Carwler Double Tail Grub.


  1. Jerkbaits

Talking about Jerkbaits, you must not forget about the suspension setting. Right suspension will keep the lure on the strike zone. It is as simple as twitching your rod to give it move reaction. Most of Jerkbaits usually need to be weighted. It makes the lure stable to suspend inside the water.


Perhaps, it is nice for buying a jerkbait that will suspend without change. However, weighting jerkbait lures can possibly increase bait percentage. It produces better life-look and makes it dangle in its face as long as possible.


  1. Crankbaits

It is similar with the jerkbaits. It means, you need to pay more attention to a suspension. The ideal crankbaits setting would be very slow to get down the water. It keeps stable if you pause or retrieve the hook moves. The best way to create this effect is to enlarge the size of the hook. If you have no idea how to make it has more volume, just wrapping it with weighted wires around. In fact, it performs well.


When you perform fishing with the customized crankbait, you will need to move the hook down slowly with the repeated pause/stops. It supports more natural life-look of the crankbait. It makes the lure wiggle just by turning the reel a bit. Finally, it results to better fishing baits.

Fishing during a winter would be fun or somehow challenging. You may find different species swimming deeply on the river. Of course, most of them are freshwater fish. Perhaps, you may only get a small catch during winter. Therefore, you actually need to make a little hole only to put in your fishing hook through the ice surface. Move the hook slowly down to the water parts of the icy lake/river. The slow move ensures the stable position of the lure. Therefore, the lure moves naturally. It also benefits for preventing the tail part caught on the wire when moving.

During winter, seawater may not be affected too much. Kind of species will not be different. It is because the seawater is much larger. Perhaps, it makes you fish at the same way as always. Perhaps, the only thing to remember is carrying enough food supply and warmer since the wind will be much cooler there.

For additional tips, never use the lure which can easily iced. Usually, less elastic lure or too soft lure will be frozen. It stops moving and makes it less effective for catching a fish. Those three suggested lures above are recommended. They work well and well tested by some experts already.

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