4 Simple Steps to Use Portable Fishfinder

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You can easily find the fish with the help of a fish finder, but it requires a lot of skills and practices. Nowadays, portable fish finders are used in common. It is perfect  to use portable fish finders for recreational fishing because they are quite affordable, easy to use, easy to transport and flexible. There are many types of fishfinders that must be installed through multiple pieces, but a portable fish finder will be exclusively independent as well as easy to carry with you.

How can you use a portable fish finder?

Read carefully the manual after purchasing a fish finder. The manual provides much technical information that you are interested in reading. It’s important to do your research before buying a portable fishfinder suitable for your demand. Here are some easy steps of using the portable fish finders to make your fishing trip more enjoyable.

1/ Step 1: Re-chargeable batteries:

Before buying, you have to think of what kinds of batteries are needed. It is better to buy re-chargeable batteries. If your fish finder has a long battery life, you should re-charge batteries after several trip in long time because rechargeable batteries are the best choice that will definitely cut your budget in the long run.

2/ Step 2: Mounting

Every type of fish finder is mounted in different ways. Mounting depends on what  kind of fish finders you have. To the fishfinder with a suction cup mounting system for the transducer, you can mount them anywhere on your boat only if you are assured that they are strongly attached to the boat and underwater. Make sure the sonar is in the water and the fish finder is not too close to the motor and motor wash because they are able to frustrate the sonar readings . To Humminbird fish finders with mounting clamp, you can mount the fish finder to the side of the boat. To wireless fish finders, you can attach the sonar unit to the line

source: youtube.com

3/ Step 3: Do not use at high Speed

Don’t try to use portable fish finders at high speeds that will make the fish finders become unsafe, maybe broken.

4/ Step 4: Display resolution

Almost fish finders are usually used in shallow fresh water, sometimes used in shallow saltwater but not as common. They are not as effective at great depths.

On the fishfinder screen, you can search depth, water temperature, and bottom structures. You also need to look for weed beds, fallen logs, sand, much where fish like to hide.


The display resolution for a portable fish finder must be at 480×480. The high-quality resolution provides you clear display which will help you to scan underwater.

Here are some steps to increase your fishing time by using portable fish finders.

Why do you should choose the portable fish finders amongst many types of fishfinders? Here are some strong reasons that you can consider to bring them home.

Firstly, The portable fish finders are easy to carry with. You can bring them on any fishing trip. You can use them on your boat or from a land location.

Secondly, adapting fish behavior. You can cast your transducer with stealth mode by using the wireless fishfinder.

Thirdly, friendly technology allows you to use them easily.

Finally, portable fishfinders have many functions. They can be used in fresh water, saltwater, even in extreme cold water.

Above are some ways to guide you to use portable fish finders. Choosing suitable fish finders depends on your budget, requirements, fishing skills. With this guide, hope you choose suitable fish finders for your fishing enjoyment.

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