2 Common Used Fishing Lines


There are different types of fishing lines, but the two most usually used are:

  • Monofilament
  • Braid

The first one, that is; Mono filament is a long filament made up of nylon, whereas the latter one, the braid is made up of several different fibers (think, thick, and strong) to form a lengthy line that is mostly round.




  • It is the most popular fishing line. It is available in a huge variety of strengths and colors. It is usually lesser in price than other lines, shock absorbent, scratch resistant, and consistently round in cross section, which is actually helpful in keeping the line neat on the reel.
  • It is easier to tie a knot on this fishing line, but at times it takes the shape of the reel and becomes a problem.
  • It is available in several shades, but people usually prefer blue as it quickly disappears in water and it becomes difficult for the fish to judge it in the water.


  • It is not strong and often breaks down in the sunlight


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  • It is stronger than mono, which means it can sink faster and deeper, and can be casted farther
  • It does not have memory so loops and twists are not issues at all. It does not break down in the sunlight so you can keep it on the reel for a long time. Unlike others, it does not even stretch


  • The material with which it is made up of is slippery so you have to tie knots at times to help with fishing. It is strong, so if need be, you have to cut it using scissors or clippers. It is less abrasion resistant than mono. Also, it does not stretch, so you do not when the fish is stuck in it.


  • Wire Fishing Line: It is an ideal fishing line of for toothy fish like tuna and mackerel. It is available in single thread and braided variety. It is very helpful when you have to fish in deep waters, and requires special hard spools

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  • Fluorocarbon Fishing Line: This abrasion resistant fishing line is completely invisible in water, making as an ideal tool for fishing. Since mono and braid have become the top sellers today, you will find a few models from this brand for your fishing need

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  • Fly Fishing Line: This type of fishing line comes in different types of weights. They are quite heavy, and one must generally match its weight to the fly rod for better fishing results. It can be attached to a tippet, which is available in different strengths in the store

Source; www.aliexpress.com


One of the best fishing lines! It attaches to the main line at one end, and the bait at the other end. These can be made of different material than the main line (thicker or heavier). For instance, amplified abrasion resistance is required.

Leaders improve hooking and keeping the fish stuck on the hook, without having the need to throw and retrieve the entire line, made up of thicker material
  • Fishing lines are quite important. However, before that the strength that they have, the force they can handle, etc, play the prime role. While buying, you should be very careful about these things because they play a major part in making fishing a real fun
  • Knots that we usually tie on the line may weaken it strength. So, you must choose a line that is strong enough for your fishing needs within a specific margin. You should suppose that even a brand new line will be lesser in strength once hook or lure is tied to it
  • Earlier, natural material like silk was used for making the fishing lines fishing lines due to which they were quite expensive. Whereas, modern day fishing lines are made using synthetic material like Dacron, nylon, fluorocarbon and dyneema due to which their price has witnessed a steep decline
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