How To Use Circle Hooks For Saltwater Fishing

Circle hooks are the most  kinds of saltwater bait hooks. Circle hooks frequently come pre-sharpened and are prepared to corrode over time, causing small damage to those fish that were fortunate enough to have won a fight with a heart-broken fisherman. There is an ongoing discussion by saltwater fishermen as to whether circle hooks are […]


Common Problems that you may face with Hummingbird Fish Finders

Thinking of mounting Hummingbird fish finder on your boat? Well, it is a good decision really as these fish finders are excellent devices for tracking fish in deep waters. However, the sad part is; just like any other electronic device, you may have to deal with several issues while using this fish finder. Let us […]


How To Repair Fishing Lure

If you have a soft-plastic muskie lure, sometimes it easily breaks away. Commonly the tail part is the sensitive part which usually broken first. It is because the tail part is softer but sometimes has less elasticity power. Therefore, if the fish bit it or we pull it too much, it breaks apart. Perhaps, there […]



5 Fishing Rods Fisherman Usually Use

Knowing the best rod material is important. The most suitable rods make you comfortable to fish without facing crucial problems. In this article, we are going to discuss the different between fiberglass, graphite, fly rods, spinning rods and conventional rods. The difference makes you understand which one is suitable for saltwater fishing and which one […]

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How to Read a Fishfinder

What Is a Fishfinder? When it comes to detecting the underwater environs, nothing is as promising as a technically equipped fish finder is, as it provides suitable direction about the fish and its movement. Fundamentally made for anglers, fish finders enable anglers to detect and identify fish and strategically set their lures and baits. Fish […]

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GPS Fishfinder Reviews

GPS Fishfinder Reviews Do you know any information about GPS Fish Finder Reviews? Comment here GPS Fishfinder Reviews GPS Fish Finder is the best fish finder you can consider. Read more information about it by click here

Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder with 83/200 Transducer

If you are a fishing enthusiast who’s looking to improve his or her fishing with a touch of technology, the Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder is an affordable option for you. Apart from having a small compact build it comes with broadband sounder sonar that makes it easy to identify bottom contours and various types of […]

How To Choose Transducer For Fish Finders

Those who have no ideas about working and activity ways of fish finder transducers, would find it challenging to understand initially. The functionality of your fishfinder largely depends upon the transducers as the sound it releases and the echo it receives back, works full length in measuring where exactly fish are moving. Whether the transducers […]

How to Use iBobber: Technology for Better Fishing

Fishing is a nice hobby to do. Not only it trains your patients, it also fun when you catch a big fish. However, fishing is not always fun you‘ve got nothing. This condition finally makes iBobber invented to make your fishing fun, and make catching fish a lot easier. This article is going to show […]


12 Fresh Water Fishing Techniques

Some very important fishing techniques that every fishing enthusiast must know! 1/ Bait Casting It is a fishing style that totally depends upon the weight of the lure to reach the target. It is done using a rod with a revolving fishing reel on the top. It is beneficial when you have to reach large […]