How To Use Circle Hooks For Saltwater Fishing

Circle hooks are the most  kinds of saltwater bait hooks. Circle hooks frequently come pre-sharpened and are prepared to corrode over time, causing small damage to those fish that were fortunate enough to have won a fight with a heart-broken fisherman. There is an ongoing discussion by saltwater fishermen as to whether circle hooks are […]


Common Problems that you may face with Hummingbird Fish Finders

Thinking of mounting Hummingbird fish finder on your boat? Well, it is a good decision really as these fish finders are excellent devices for tracking fish in deep waters. However, the sad part is; just like any other electronic device, you may have to deal with several issues while using this fish finder. Let us […]


How To Repair Fishing Lure

If you have a soft-plastic muskie lure, sometimes it easily breaks away. Commonly the tail part is the sensitive part which usually broken first. It is because the tail part is softer but sometimes has less elasticity power. Therefore, if the fish bit it or we pull it too much, it breaks apart. Perhaps, there […]


The Three Types of Fishing Lines

Know More about Fishing Lines Among the many fishing tools, a fishing line is one of the most important. It is the link between the angler and fish and this critical link makes the choice of a fishing line very important. The process of selecting a fishing line is not always a walk in the […]


5 Fishing Rods Fisherman Usually Use

Knowing the best rod material is important. The most suitable rods make you comfortable to fish without facing crucial problems. In this article, we are going to discuss the different between fiberglass, graphite, fly rods, spinning rods and conventional rods. The difference makes you understand which one is suitable for saltwater fishing and which one […]

GPS fish finder

GPS Fishfinder Reviews

GPS Fishfinder Reviews Do you know any information about GPS Fish Finder Reviews? Comment here GPS Fishfinder Reviews GPS Fish Finder is the best fish finder you can consider. Read more information about it by click here


How to Find Your Fish with a Fish Finder

Fishing isn’t fun until you find a fish. Especially, if it is ice fishing, nothing is more pleasing than finding a fish as a lot of effort is put in by the fisherman. There is no specific spot where the pool of fish can be found each and every time. However, the bottom of the […]

Which Is Better – Color or Black & White Fish Finders

    Sometimes, you need to choose the best fish finder you want to have for a fishing. It seems like a usual thing, but in another hand, it is confusing when you do not know which one is better. This article will show you what is the specific different both for color fish finder and […]


How To Choose Best Fishing Rod

Fishing is one of the most exciting times of our life because besides being challenging it is also entertaining. However,  until you have right fishing tools by your side expecting fun is one of the impossible things because finding a fish in big water bodies is difficult. From fish finders to fishing rods, lures, and […]

ibobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder – An Ideal Fishing Tool

iBobber is one of the popular fish finders capable of synchronizing with smart phones and tablets. This sonar has the ability to track down the fish up to 135 feet under water. Once found, it displays the fish in two sizes: over 15” and under 15″. So, you will always know which fish and what […]