How To Use Circle Hooks For Saltwater Fishing

Circle hooks are the most  kinds of saltwater bait hooks. Circle hooks frequently come pre-sharpened and are prepared to corrode over time, causing small damage to those fish that were fortunate enough to have won a fight with a heart-broken fisherman. There is an ongoing discussion by saltwater fishermen as to whether circle hooks are […]


Common Problems that you may face with Hummingbird Fish Finders

Thinking of mounting Hummingbird fish finder on your boat? Well, it is a good decision really as these fish finders are excellent devices for tracking fish in deep waters. However, the sad part is; just like any other electronic device, you may have to deal with several issues while using this fish finder. Let us […]


How To Repair Fishing Lure

If you have a soft-plastic muskie lure, sometimes it easily breaks away. Commonly the tail part is the sensitive part which usually broken first. It is because the tail part is softer but sometimes has less elasticity power. Therefore, if the fish bit it or we pull it too much, it breaks apart. Perhaps, there […]


4 Techniques To Remove Hook From Your Skin

What to Do When Your Skin is Hooked Instead of the Fish Fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. Less serious injuries to anglers are reported. However, injuries involving fishing hooks hooking up part of your skin are a common occurrence. Most of these injuries are minor. However, they all […]


How to Choose the Best Fishing Line

Today, there are mind-boggling fishing lines options and a visit to your local tackle shop will make you realize this. The choice of the line that fits your fishing situations can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t have perfect knowledge about the lines. You should understand that different fishing lines have their own strengths […]


12 Fresh Water Fishing Techniques

Some very important fishing techniques that every fishing enthusiast must know! 1/ Bait Casting It is a fishing style that totally depends upon the weight of the lure to reach the target. It is done using a rod with a revolving fishing reel on the top. It is beneficial when you have to reach large […]


Dead Bait or Live Bait?

Ice fishing is an interesting activity, when you perform fishing with live bait or dead bait . Moreover, it is more interesting if you use pike for catching the fresh fish from the small ice hole. It is somehow challenging. Pike, perhaps looks traditional and less effective than general fishing.  However, pike will be very useful […]

Garmin Echo 301dv Fishfinder Review

Grand evolution of the Echo 300 version, the GARMIN Echo 301 Fishfinder  is one of the most powerful and robust fishfinders featuring superior down imaging and dual-beam sonar (200/77). Whatever is beneath your boat, it displays high definition images of the bottom to ease your fishing job. It also supports transducers of 50/200 kHz frequency […]

Fisherman In Seychelles

Fishing in Ancient Eras

“Everything changes with time” This is a very common belief, and there is no two ways to this statement. Things we saw, used, and talked by a few years ago have completely vanished from the place today. And the reason is nothing but revolution. Everybody  is finding new and easy ways to do everything, and […]

GPS Fishfinder- Fundamental Aspects to Know

Fishing is one fun-filled leisure pursuit and this activity has been valued through ages. These days, with the use of fish finder fishing has become all the more entertaining. Fishing is something known to provide pleasure to the entire family and all around the world, with the use of a fish finder, fishing enthusiasts are […]